About Us

AMI Group is a china based company, mainly focus on supplying different raw materials for Metallurgy, Refractory, Cement, Concrete, and Chemicals Industry etc.. AMI Group have three different production units for Silica Fume, Ca Metal and Foundry Ferro Alloys in China. Also trade other raw materials for above industries.
With some of our production units in china, independent international offices and experienced sales team, we are supplying our materials with better prices and stable quality. AMI Group has been in the leading position for CaSi, Ca and Silica Fume etc. in worldwide market, also is being on the way to make sure each of our product to be a leading role in the market.
The company sells about 300,000 mts of materials yearly, also target to sell 1,000.000 mts in 2023.
“Bring extra value for our customers” is the philosophy of our company, profit is not all we think, we hope we can get the customer’s real request, help and support their business, also we are willing they can benefit from the cooperation and grow with us together. 

Our History


ALL MINMETAL INTL LTD. Set up in beijing, mainly export CASI, CA METAL and silica fume from china


The company exported nearly 10,000 tons of silicon calcium, accounting for about 20% of the entire calcium calcium export market, and exported about 3,000 tons of calcium metal. The company has become one of the largest domestic suppliers of cored wire materials; 40,000 tons, also became one of China’s largest micro-silicon powder processors and suppliers.


The company exported about 10,000 tons of FEMGSI, BASI and other foundry ferroalloys and carbon products to the United States, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea and other markets. It is one of the major suppliers for Nodulizer.


AMI (Tianjin) Concrete additives LTD. (Tianjin) set up in Tianjin, mainly process densified Silica Fume. Through the establishment of processing plants, the company keeps up with the international market demand and always maintains the leading position of SILICA FUME sales.


AMI GROUP was established in Beijing to manage all AM subsidiary companies and offices.

February 2019

The company opens an office in Hong Kong.

June 2019

The company established New York Cooperated Office in New York, USA, which is mainly responsible for corporate finance and international trade.


The company cooperated with Shaanxi Sanjiang Energy Chemical Co., Ltd to establish AMI (Sanjiang) Calcium Processing Plant (Fugu, China). The factory mainly produces metal calcium blocks, calcium granules, and metal calcium wires (SOLID CALCIUM WIRE). The production capacity reaches 12,000 tons per year, becoming the world One of the largest metal calcium processors, through investment in processing plants, the company transformed from a trader to a direct producer, and completed a complete layout from the production end to the user end.

August 2019

Invest AMI (Baotou) Foundry Ferro Alloys Plant (Baotou, China), the investment was made to have its own FEMGSI and BASI production bases. Since then, the company has also completed the layout of the cast ferroalloy production section.

February 2020

The company has re-established Brazil office (Joinville, Brazil) and Sharjah office (Sharjah, U.A.E.)

February 2020

Turkey office (Istanbul, Turkey) was established, including the establishment of the previous Brazil, and Sharjah Office. The company has initially completed its layout in major developing countries.